Val Cushing

The Artisan Gallery is pleased and proud to announce the opening of an exhibit of recent work by master potter Val Cushing. Mr. Cushing received his BFA in 1952 and his MFA in 1956 from Alfred University and taught pottery and technical courses there from 1957 until his retirement in 1997. He has been designated Professor Emeritus by the university. His work is included in many private and public collections including; American Craft Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Renwick Gallery, Ohi Museum of Ceramics - Japan, and many, many more.

Friday, February 1st through Sunday, March 9th.

Opening Reception with the artist: Friday, February 1st, 5-8pm. Please join us for this rare and special occasion.

I aspire to make pottery that is both beautiful and useful. I place as much emphasis as I can on the sensuous qualities of a pot. I do this mainly by the use of color, form and surface textures that are as stimulating to see as to touch. The goal is to make use more pleasurable. I also make some vessels that are based on a different premise. In these, use is less of an issue; much more importance is placed on the imaginative potential of pottery forms to be seen as sculpture is seen. All of my work, whether pottery or vessels, employs various references and influences that help direct the visual dynamics. But nature, above all else, is my primary source. I think about how and why things look as they do. I make drawings from nature, from the landscape, from growing things, and from my thoughts about them - something coalesces from all of this and becomes a piece. The work is most successful when interesting ideas are executed with the best possible skill and craftsmanship.