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The Artisan Gallery Staff

(top row) Lauren, Heidi, Jack (bottom row) Vanessa and Chloe

Having enjoyed the past 22 years raising our three wonderful sons, I'm now enjoying a little "me" time. The results: I'm having a great time with my horses and enjoying the support of my family who can play along with my dream of being a cowgirl.

I love clothes and I love helping women find that perfect outfit or that perfect piece for their closet. I am constantly searching second hands shops for fabric that I can reuse in my designs (Shopgirl Studio). I love the idea of making something new out of a well loved garment...honoring its past life and creating a new one.

After closing up the gallery for the night, I wear a lot of different hats: writer, painter, and jazz musician. If all goes according to plan, I'll eventually retire and open a hat shop.

Whether I'm editing photographs, cutting my own hair, molding papier-mâché theatre props or brewing kefir at home, I aim to create a life full of serious bravery, playful curiosity, kind collaboration and confident personal style. I look forward to greeting you at The Artisan Gallery!


The Artisan Gallery gives me a chance to focus on details; the beauty of objects and the relationships sparked between humans and art. I love to observe and analyze the ways that people interact with different types of media. Outside of the AG, I teach a class called Critical Media Collective, where teens take a closer look at pop culture and analyze their own media habits.